Friday, May 20, 2011

upcoming loss... maybe?

bad girl that i am... i've been lurking online public information sites (court proceedings).

bubba's momma's situation has changed.

i have a feeling we will be getting a call soon for him to go home.

this is GOOD.

i hope.

still hard.

read this a LONG time ago... great resource...

there is very little written about the grief of a foster parent.

there seems to be a general assumption that since we signed up for this we won't grieve as much, that bugs me...

anyway... praying for information and grace during the transition (whenever that is)


  1. You've invested so much of your heart into the little guy in such a short period of time. It seems normal that there would be grief. Praying!

  2. First, thanks for stopping by to read my Thursday post -really enjoyed reading through some of your posts. I have a very strong desire to foster at some point, possibly foster to adopt - not sure on either. I know we will add to our family in the years to come, but for now we are waiting. Praying for you with Bubba - for your heart more than anything. I cannot image people who think foster parents are okay with saying goodbye - I know it is hard everytime they have to leave a home for all involved!!
    Many Blessings to you!