Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bubba's First Visitation

18 hour notification...

Mr. E picked up Bubba up from daycare @ 10ish - drove the hour to the town of origin

visit with parents...

back to the house at 3ish

i wasn't home to hear the info

sounds like there wasn't much info

plans for reunification?

answer - too soon to tell, still gathering information... bubba has been away from his parents for a month

slow molasses movement of bureaucracy even more obnoxious when it keeps a family separated instead of healing

last night i packed a bag of stuff....

an outfit to wear and an outfit to pack - cute, but nothing i would be heartbroken over if it didn't come back (other blogs have mentioned that), diapers, snacks, lunch, toy (fun truck from friends), and the book that comforts him

i pray the book and truck will come back... and GOD hears...

i send pictures and a card with updates for mom and dad... i pray they will give us info on ears... we get medical info, but nothing about ears

i pray that all will go well...

they have time to play and be together

everything we sent comes back (minus pics and card) just as hoped...

also more clothes... again seasonally inappropriate, too small, dirty, and smelling of smoke... BUT... they brought things for him!

behavior post visit --- not as expected! i had thought he would be acting out, super aggressive, or lots of crying.. so far so good... we painted, played, and i am playing single momma to two boys tonight...

return of some behaviors we had almost seen leave - more hitting, more "wrestling" with uncooperative bee, biting the dog (yes... the dog)... but no to the degree we were fearing...

we'll see how the evening progresses... i have a feeling they will show themselves as things sink in with the little man

***update*** 55 minutes to get him to sleep... ugh


  1. Glad the little guy got to see them. Praying!

  2. So heart wrenching! So much to go through for a little guy:( Praying!