Monday, May 16, 2011

148 - 160... Grateful

148. brownies baked by friends

149. a loving church feeding us every other night (something they do for mommas w/ new babies)

150. the fact that i didn't turn it down (didn't think we needed it --- whew - thank GOD! appointments out the wazoo)

151. my hubby getting up at 530 w/ bubba and letting me sleep until 8 on saturday

152. WIC - every lil' bit helps w/ 2 kiddies!

153. buckets of water for lil' boys to play with

154. boxes for play

155. matching shirts for mother's day

156. tunnel = safe place for bubba

157. cool breeze in the front yard
158. the quiet reflection during sunday morning sermon
159. friends who will humor my son's lunch request
160. the joy of another sister in christ beginning her journey down foster-adoption!


  1. Great list and great pics. I love that he is attached to that book--how cool is that!

  2. i am also thankful for WIC. it has helped out a lot recently , since our current fosters are "technically ' fosters and therefor get no reimbursement :(