Sunday, May 8, 2011

first days

i have tons of pictures, but of course... that gorgeous face must be guarded.

we are just finishing our 3rd evening with bubba...  and each night... we get him to sleep this way...

he LOVES playing outside... and kicks off his shoes each time... he is truly our bubba

an adoption friend, brought us dinner with this sweet treat for the boys

we were lucky in that he has come with clothing... but as always with foster care, things are a bit odd...\

the clothes very much smelled of smoke (as did the basket) and the majority of it was too big or too small

i had to wash all the clothes 3 times using extra detergent, baking soda, and eventually green clean... they came in this laundry basket which we had to scrub out as well.

this is what doesn't fit

this is what fits (luckily we have some clothes from Bee... and friends have given us some handme downs as well so we don't have to rely on this alone!)

we have had a great time playing, getting to know one another, and bonding... overall a great time!
lots of outside time, playing with cars, running around!

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