Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

our first day with bubba... bee had a mother's day luncheon at his school...

i was greated with this at my table
 *i love you mom in sign language*

then as the class came in, i was greeted with this

then i had the joy of eating w/ my sweet boy

later in the day, he wrote me this sweet note (originally he asked me how to spell dear momma i love that you came to my luncheon)

today, i saw this beautiful sight

tomorrow, i will spend the day with two awesome boys

i will have a lunch made for me by my hubby and my father
i will eat with my boys, my hubby, my dad, and his parents
(my mother is out of town with her mom and my sister)

bubba's mother...

she doesn't know where he is

she is in a place of limited freedom

she won't get a gift tomorrow

she will eventually get a card
***how difficult that was to pick up --- finally decided on a card that said I love you bunches.... all the other ones said Mom you're the greatest***

she will eventually get a little photo album of pictures we have taken since he's been with us

she will eventually get these drawings her son made and the outlines of his hands

she will eventually get this note from me hoping to give her peace of mind

but tomorrow... she will not see her son, she will not know where he is

we all make mistakes, we all errors...

i just can't imagine paying the price she is paying... not spending time w/ this awesome kiddo

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  1. God has given you such a big heart to share that love with another child. What an extra special mothers day!