Tuesday, May 3, 2011

100 posts and just over a year...

i have learned over the past year

to look for blessings in the little things

to breathe more

to love more

to pray more

is IT easier? sure... but there are still times where IT hits me like a ton of bricks and takes away my breath.

just this past weekend at my cousin's wedding... went to the ladies room during the reception and as i was shutting the door... it hit me... in one week, we could be getting a phone call for a child to enter our home.

why are we already on this path of foster care? so much earlier than our plan (ha!)???? because i will not carry more.

it's almost 5 years past, it's easier! (hope for those in the beginning of this walk!) but just as the title of this blog suggests... it's there all the time, like my shadow.


  1. So amazing the way God has worked and proven himself faithful, in the midst of great heartache. Praying for you and happy to be on this journey together.

  2. God has done amazing work in and through you. So blessed to know you!