Friday, May 6, 2011

THE call

just like we were told - we got a call for our first placement BEFORE we got a call saying we were licensed.

and a week before the date we were told we would hear by.

first time (and probably ONLY time) we have gotten anything done early in this process.

in a truly - you gotta be "$h**ing me, that only happen in movies" moment, i got the call from hubby that he had gotten THE CALL while out with some girl friends (actually a text because i ignored his first call - did not think in a million years that was why he was calling!)

we were out celebrating one's new job - and we figured it would be the last time in a while i would be able to go out since placement was pending... these women are my support, my prayer warriors, my life-partners (you know how i mean that), fellow christ-followers....

one has helped me through the majority of the grieving process... and i held her hand and rubbed her legs as she labored and birthed her second son.... and in a surreal moment - she was sitting next to me as i "birthed" my second son... GOD was at that table at that little spanish restaurant...

so... the call...

all we were told was white boy - just turned two, and that there is family that is being located... when i asked hubby for the name the first time as i was sitting at the table - he realized HE FORGOT TO ASK!

we decided yes - this fit our parameters... so while hubby called for pick up/drop off info (and to find out his name)... us ladies giggled at the fact that while in my mind i had invisioned our first to be a little black girl we were getting the opposite!

since we didn't have a name we were joking about what it would be and (due to the agricultural area we were told he is from) two of us busted out at the same time with - BUBBA!

and oh how it fits...

more to follow on the pick-up and first day... we are now about 40 hours in... just finished second bed time... surviving it - loving it!


  1. Gives me chills when I think about it!

  2. Amazing. Your foster parenting has led us to inquire with the adoption agency we work with about possibly foster parenting in the future.