Saturday, May 7, 2011


in order to get bubba we had to meet up w/ the woman who had him from time of removal (about 2 or 3 nights)

we got NO paperwork - apparently neither did she.

we are still waiting for the "green folder".

we know little to nothing about his situation - which even if we did... couldn't share.

the little we've been told is NO visits and probably won't be for a while due to issues not related to him.

there is a possible family member in the north of the state, so we think a few weeks to a month or so.

when we picked him up, the first thing i thought was how cute, and then - HE"S HUGE! he was wearing a size 4 outfit - it was a little big (not much) but we have him in 3s. (they fit - and our 5 year old still wears his 4s!)

anyway - we ended up picking him up in the parking lot of a restaraunt the emergency foster care mom was attending an event at.

we took a quick pic, grabbed a small laundry hamper and diaper bag of his stuff and hopped in the car.

poor boy cried and cried for "momma". (or so i thought mamama is everything).

my heart broke for the little guy. he had a toy that seemed to be from home, and it gave him no comfort.

i noticed though, his crying would pause when he saw a big truck, or digging machine... so out of our diaper bag came the book of trucks i brought along (figuring what boy doesn't like trucks).

GOLDMINE! this bubba truly loves all things with wheels.

guck guck is what he says anytime he sees a truck and we pointed out trucks and such all the way to my dad's office where we picked up Bee... who was super excited to lay eyes on his new "brover".

next up.... first days


  1. So glad to meet Bubba today... before you know it B may have some Bubba, all boy tendencies too!

  2. So so excited for you. Can't wait to hear the next part.....