Thursday, May 12, 2011

a man of GOD

what do i mean by saying my #1 job is to make Bee a man of GOD???

i love Christina’s model of parenting – and the concept of grace

one way we model grace in our home is how we speak of Bubba’s parents.

it would be easy to demonize someone who makes poor choices, the type that lead to them not having custody of their child.

instead, we pray for his parents.

we pray that they are able to do what needs to be done to have Bubba back. that is hard…

when Bubba cries at night, Bee is confused and asks why, I remind him that Bubba is missing his momma and daddy and ask how he would feel.

we are working slowly with Bubba about the rules in our house, but we have told Bee to give him extra space, and to be generous. that right now, Bubba is learning our rules.

one thing that has come up especially is a book “things that go”. it was Bee’s when he was small, not a particular favorite – but as most toys and books, once was his alone. we have given it to Bubba and it is especially hard on Bee… we have tried to explain to Bee that the book helps Bubba when he is sad. it’s his “special toy” (i.e. transition item).

i wasn’t sure he understood…

and then, he drew this…

we won’t send it, but truly warms my heart to know he’s listening.

To Show Them Jesus

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  1. So cute! Empathy is such an important thing-so awesome to see it developing in B. I am humbled that you continue to write on Thursdays with everything you have going on. Thanks!