Friday, May 13, 2011


**belated posting... don't know why i didn't get around to posting it yesterday... we arent' busy or anything :)

how to measure 1 week...

7 days

3 days taken off of work by me

2 days taken off by chef hubby

7 nights crying before falling asleep

3 major fits by bee at home

so many fits thrown by bee at school, they may not take him to field trip they have been so at a loss

100s of toys, cups, forks, spoons, etc. thrown by bubba

4 times the toys have bonked bee on the head

100s of hugs and kisses bubba has recieved from us

2 kisses i recieved on our "week-aversary" from bubba (caught me by complete surprise)

too many times to count that i've been bit, hit, punched, spit on by bubba

1 birthday party to celebrate a bubba's birthday with church friends and family

2 exhausted foster parents

2 tired boys confused by change

1 life changed...



  1. So many moments and each one important. Praying for B! Thanks for including us at the party:)