Monday, May 30, 2011

166 - 180 GRATEFUL

166. two pairs of grey-blue eyes stairing at me and looking to me for comfort... eyes that are the eyes of brothers... for a while at least

167. matching shirts at WALMART - $3 each! can indulge myself at that price

168. consignment store finds - and $50+ credit to pay for it all!

169. hearing bee tell chef hubby "that's not nice daddy!" while playing smooth moves on the wii when he's beat (and NOT THROWING A FIT! - praise GOD)

170. buy one get one free wine @ publix (classy - i know!)

171. being found by someone who has started this journey of loss... and praying she feels less alone than i did in those early days

172. all the gorgeous pictures of this little man who is (almost cuddling and) sitting next to me

173. my sweet dog - that doesn't bite bubba (even when he bites her!)

174. answers to prayers (literally after getting on my knees and asking the FATHER to bring comfort to bubba and help him sleep --- bubba fell asleep 45 seconds later!)

175. the ability to make it through one of those do we have enough money until payday time periods...

176. reimbursment from FSA for daycare

177. ELC... i've read other blogs that fosterparents are paying big $$$$ for daycare or on ridiculously long waiting lists - we got in as soon as the voucher cleared ---- and only pay 7.50 a WEEK for bubba

178. friends who GET IT

179. chef hubby understanding a need a "time out" for just a few minutes to be back

180. the ability to recognize i need that time out


  1. In the midst of a challenging week--God has been good! Love the photo:)

  2. Yes, God is good! Great list!

  3. Joining you from Multitudes on Mondays. I've been greatful for #180 a time or two myself. Thanks for sharing.