Monday, May 9, 2011

139 - 147 ...following our first placement

139. dinner with good friends

140. an unexpected call for placement (while w/ friends!)

141. a friend who feels as i do about pictures and moments!

142. sweet friend who drove me home (thank goodness i hadn't driven!)

143. hubby who gets so excited he forgets to ask for child's name

144. loving church who loves on our boys

145. sweet lil' county boy who has come to stay w/ us city-slickers for a while

146. the joy of a little boy playing with bugs (something Bee would never do!)

147. hands of my first-born w/ the evidence of boyhood


  1. A great week with much to be thankful for.:) I love B's dirty hands!

  2. Enjoyed reading your thankful list! From one of the multitudes...

  3. So many overwhelming blessings! God is so good!