Saturday, May 14, 2011

Honeymoon Over?

we were told in MAPP there would be a honeymoon period, i honestly didn't believe... i figured our kids would be too young... a 2 yr old wouldn't be on good behavior first...

i think i was wrong...

****HONEYMOON PERIOD**** - time period that foster (or adoptive) children are on super good behavior b/c they are afraid that you will not want them - typically followed by more than usual negative behavior as they see if you will "dump" them - to test how real are your affections

much like a dog who pees on your shoes... yesterday bubba was walking around with his sippy cup of milk... he leaned over my shoes and spit the milk out directly on them.


he continued to spit milk out  (needless to say - no more walking around w/ sippy cups)

when we lay him down at night, one of us lies next to him in the twin and rubs his back until he falls asleep - otherwise he screams and cries (it's really heartbreaking)... he looked at me gave me a huge hug... pulled his head back - and bit me on the cheek.

he also has a habit of getting in a boxing stance (cute) and he has a pretty good right jab (not so cute - and actually painful)

throwing toys - old - throwing them at us (and bee) new...

it especially manifests right after he's been sweet...

it's as if in his little mind he regrets being nice to us - like it's a betrayal...

i wonder...

i wonder if i have way over analyzed... it's possible... but it's amazing how his behavior has changed in a week.


  1. So good you were trained to expect it so you would know how to handle it when it happens. Praying!

  2. Wow! Sounds like an adventure. praying

  3. yep.sounds like the honeymoon is over. it take a long time of consistency and lots of prayers to get over the hump.

  4. I have a 2 year old foster son right now who is doing similar things. He was really pretty good (looking back) the first 2 weeks and now (5 weeks in) feels like we have completely regressed! Massive temper tantrums, biting (himself and others), throwing things, spilling milk antics, not sleeping, having a tough time with naps...hoping it will get better soon! Wishing you luck!