Monday, May 16, 2011

First Visit Case Worker "E"

***warning fragmented thoughts - want to get all down while fresh in mind***

tonight we had our first visit from bubba's case worker

he called in advance (prb b/c he is based an hour away from our house)

just enough time to clean up from dinner

he showed around 630.

seems like a nice guy

had to account for bubba's bumps and bruises (and there are alot - the kid is active and falls all the time!)

learned little about the case - which sucks, had hoped for more info.

gave pictures for the case file and the parents.

another letter (this time for mom and dad) apparently dad was "distressed" at court today since he has no idea where bubba is. nice to hear.

there is paternal family in the picture - home study occuring now. not for custody - but for them to supervise visitation.

that was a bit concerning to me... i sort of thought family was in the picture for custody.

part of the routine is to strip bubba down for an "inspection" - quite traumatic.

i hadn't expected the strip down body inspection, also hadn't expected the check on our food - had to be sure we had 3 days supply!

we will be getting weekly visits since bubba is new to the system.

interesting occurence - in the midst of the visit - bubba leaned over and bit bee b/c bee had a book he wanted - a big bite, interesting to have to deal w/ that w/ a case worker in the room.

dealing w/ meltdown post visit - bubba is a bit rougher for bed - but he was NOT happy about stripping down - broke my heart.

hindsight - if bathtime hasn't happened - we will have him observe that rather than an "inspection"


  1. Sounds like quite the experience! Poor guy, bathtime does sound like a good option.

  2. Poor thing! Crazy that you weren't warned about the strip down. Praying!