Sunday, April 3, 2011

Foster Shower Part I (why?)

today my sister threw me an awesome foster shower...

pics and activities to follow...

but first i thought i would talk about the purpose of the shower... it wasn't for the stuff... showers are never for the STUFF (well not just the stuff)

showers are for the love and for the support

showers are to show the future mother that you are there for her and will be there for her

my sister mentioned that as she searched for info and ideas on foster showers, she found little information on throwing foster showers, rather she found "controversy" around the idea of a foster shower, that since foster parents are paid - they don't need the stuff... and that there shouldn't be a shower

they are right (and wrong) being "paid" --- ha... it's an interesting comment --- the paid portion is true, but it's not that much (the payment is less than you would pay for boarding a dog for that amount of time)

even still, when a family expands through birth, often there is a shower (even if they have older children) something small just to mark the occasion.

why not so w/ foster care?

what a better way to show your friend/family member that you are behind them? that you will be there for them to support them in a scary time...

foster care may not include birth - but there is labor... so why not show your support?

it's odd for me to realize that some people go into this without support...

i have been blessed, so blessed, to have our friends and family behind us 110%


  1. I'm so glad she threw you a shower, she did such an awesome job! It was a lot of fun.

  2. I Loved it. My favorite part was your mom's story.