Sunday, April 17, 2011

walking out in front of a bus

Love this quote about "don't you get attached"?

The real question these aliens are asking though is “Isn’t it so incredibly painful when the children are reunited with their parents that you want to go walk out in front of a bus?” and I get the question, I really do, but not so much
Because doing nothing makes me feel like walking out in front of a bus.

i feel like i am on the curb, getting ready to step off.

no progress or info yet on where our paper work is.

i think it is still at the county level.

when it hits the state level we will have 2 weeks till clearance.

as we wait i try to focus on why we are doing this. on HIS timing, it'll happen in his timing not mine.
i am trying not to think about how even as excited we are to start, this is the end for someone else. also, it means that once we start, there will be a child who will be experiencing the greatest trauma of their life... it also means, that we will be starting the process of helping that family reunify. we will begin losing our peanuts the day they come to us.


  1. Don't forget, we're at the bus stop with you!:)

  2. agree with cf, through it all.