Thursday, April 14, 2011

Foster Shower Part II

see part one here


1. pin the baby on the foster momma

2. unscramble the baby (foster-care) words

3. Mad Libs foster care style


Pink Lemonade (w/ Vodka) and Blue Hawaiians (rum, pineapple, and more)

soft cheeses, bleu cheeses, etc (things preggy mommas can't have)

stuffed mushrooms and more


gift cards (awesome! for when the kiddies come to be w/ us we can go purchase what they need)

diapers, wipes, girl clothes (we have tons of boy clothes), bath toys (great for kids and you always need more - they get gross)

books i registered for on AMAZON (one of few places you can find good multi-cultural books and books on FOSTERcare)

pix from my ubertalented friend:

yummy drinks

cool decoration (and game!)


  1. Such a fun shower!

  2. Fun shower!!! I look forward to seeing all those items in use! and glad you could use the pix...thanks for the credit :)