Tuesday, April 5, 2011

waiting… not so patiently

about a week ago we were told we would be getting the paperwork and it would be sent off by friday, april 1

it’s april 5… not done yet

i love our resource manager, she is great… but i am not the patient kind

the longer it takes, the longer until kids come

irony – just a month or so i was freaking out b/c it was coming too fast. now that the thought has entered my head… kids before easter… it’s there… and the deadline for getting that paperwork in to make that possible, is not being met.

this is good, the playroom addition isn’t done, but my kids are out there… peanut <>

i feel myself stressing, and remind myself, in HIS time, but it’s hard…

REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS… oh it’s so hard… why the timing, why the pain, why this twisted, tumbling path that has led us to this moment in this place and time…

the wounds are raw today, the waiting like small grains of sand and salt… yet i am under HIS will, HIS commands – REJOICE, GIVE THANKS…

so… i will rejoice and give thanks for…

96. a few more days/weeks that Bee will be an only child – full attention and love

97. extra time to get prepared and organized

98. sleep we get now that we won’t get w/ an infant

99. moments of cuddle time w/ Bee that are just for him

100. the opportunity to turn and trust HIM and HIS PLAN

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