Thursday, April 28, 2011


at first when I thought about what my philosophy of parenting was... i was stumped

then i percolated... a philosophy outlines your goal - the main end you have end mind

i harp on my students that they have to have goals... if you don't have goals, how can you meet them?

what is more important than parenting?

i have long taught Bee that my MOST important job was "to keep him safe", it was our mantra...

it has changed in the past year (after reading frances chan's crazy love)

my number ONE job is to "help him become a man of GOD" and my number TWO job is to "keep him safe"

we often talk about how these are our priorities. usually it only comes up w/ keeping him safe.

if these are my goals, what will i do to accomplish this? how am i ensuring that he will become a man of GOD, and keeping him safe to live to the age of becoming a man of GOD?

i need to better outline how i will accomplish my goals... i will be looking at my friends (one of the most important things a momma can do is surround herself w/ other christian mommas)

i love how LISA talks about presenting the Gospel to her son in moments of discipline

i love CHRISTINA's G.R.A.C.E. model

To Show Them Jesus


  1. I've been trying to picture you percolating:)

  2. I'm stumped too! and find it hard to live out. Thankful for the challenge of Teach Me Jesus Thursdays to help us flesh some of this out.