Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the snake of discontent

reading through the free easter devotional from ann voskamp.

day four: (yup i'm - as always woefully behind)

Numbers 21:4-9

*recap of jews complaining to moses and GOD about how better their life was when they were in egypt.

irony... i read this as i was UBER frustrated in general with life

i am stressing out (ouch - atheism) b/c i have come to the realization that my life will be a bunch of bureaucratic frustration for the foreseeable future. i am a public school teacher in a state w/ an anti-education governor about to become a foster parent

i have been catching myself yelling at Bee more. not MAPP parenting style at all!

he has been SUPER argumentative and debating everything we say (and y'all he's not quite 5) ugh ugh ugh

the prayer from the devotional was great...

Father, we repent of our grumbling, our complaining, of all the stuff we wail that we can no longer stomach. We've been bitten by the snake of discontent. Cause our eyes to look on Jesus and live. Withe Jesus, we have more, more than enough

*from Ann Voskamp's free devotional

after reading this... i felt a calmness... would be great to say it lasted.

tonight my husband let me know our house isn't sound proof.

Bee had issues going to bed tonight, and i lost track of the prayer above... i yelled, fussed, etc... and apparently all could be heard outside (bicyclers turned...) ugh. ugh. ugh

praying for patience, fortitude, and strength as we continue down these paths of crazy super bureaucracy.... and for less yelling...

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  1. Praying! When the Israelites were bitten by snakes in the wilderness, they had to look to the snake Moses' put up in order to be healed. We need to look to our Savior to find healing. May we always keep our eyes on Him.