Monday, April 18, 2011

grateful 106 - 118

106. a peice of paper and pencil found on the floor of the room i administered the "state test" in to jot down thanks

107. the face of a sleeping boy - this often angry, resentful, closed off boy who sat in my class for a full semester. i see him now as he slumbers (after finishing STATE TEST) as his momma must when she checks in on him - he is almost a grown, but not quite yet, and i see the faint traces of a child in his completely relaxed and unguarded countenance

108. that MY SON is not yet there... i have 10 more years... long but short - HE has already blessed me with 5

109. time with my thoughts as a test administrator... we are NOT to be on the computer, grading papers, etc. but monitoring students... this gives me time to process my bible readings, to pray, to sing hymns in my head (How GREAT thou art)... as if i am a nun who has taken a vow of silence and worship

110. life changing books from life changing friends (finally finished ann voskamp's one thousand gifts that vixen gave me for my bday)

111. viewing the world through the glass of GOD and truly seeing it

112. playing hide and go seek w/ my lil' boy in my grandparents' jungle... (he thinks it is his as their last name is his first)

113. watching him from my hiding space try to find me... running and getting all sweaty

114. that this weekend my boys (husband and son) went on a father-son camping trip

115. my son GOT DIRTY on the trip

116. BAIT, the dead fish my hubby let my son play w/ for 2 hours

117. that i wasn't there to stop it

118. an adoption party to see the end result... the beauty of a daughter and mother finding and learning each other


  1. Being a teacher too I love number 107 ... such a great description of the student who is made in His image ... Blessings, Beth

  2. Great list... even #116. :) Glad you finished the book! Look forward to talking about it soon.

  3. I find the idea of you as a nun hilarious! (109) Still can't stop thinking about it:) Great list!

  4. #112 my favorite =) Enjoyed reading your list. Blessings to you this week