Wednesday, April 27, 2011

two weeks and counting

things to do in the next two weeks:

1,000 loads of laundry

re-clean house top to bottom

"support" but NOT NAG hubby as he finishes the addition

paint the addition


spend last moments of only child time w/ Bee...


two weeks...

today i got an email i had signed up for... you know, the type to get coupons... i guessed at my "due date"... and according to that - i am "38 weeks"... prophetic, ironic, creepy????

According to this email at 38 weeks a common problem is fear of labor... ummmm yup... so here's a twist on the steps to relieve fears of labor pain (foster care style)

Review your class notes. Review what you’ve learned in your childbirth education classes. If you know what to expect during labor, you won’t be as frightened as your contractions intensify and become more frequent.

in foster speak - i will review the MAPP info -

Brush up on labor research. Read books and magazine articles about giving birth. Because each woman’s labor is different, it helps to become familiar with a variety of anecdotal histories of labor.

in foster speak - read every blog you can find (hmmmm.... think i've got that one down!)

Prepare a birth plan. Participate as fully as possible in the birthing experience by preparing a birth plan to help clarify your goals.

foster speak - tweak the questions we will ask when placement calls come in remind ourselves of our limitations to the placements we can accept - check that we are stocked as possible

Share your fears. Tell your partner what worries you and let him know that you’re counting on his strength and support during labor.

no need for translation - same for foster care

Labor isn’t forever. The average is 14 hours for first-time mothers—and most of that is in the relatively easy first stage of labor. Also remind yourself that the memory of labor pain often is erased by the euphoria of seeing your newborn.

foster speak - hahahaha... labor will last forever! seriously - we won't be first timers forever... the goal of reunification or walking a child through adoption into our family or another family will be worth it. the pain that we will experience is our sacrifice to GOD

Seek support. Talk to a friend, perhaps someone you’ve met at your childbirth education class. Share your concerns with her.

foster speak - same! and i've got the BEST friends to walk me through this - even if they haven't lived this - they have unique life experiences that have proven invaluable.
Remember that anesthesia is available. You won’t be considered a "failure" or a "quitter" if you ask for it. There are anesthetics available that are considered safe for you and your baby when given at moderate levels—and that will allow you to participate fully in the birth.

foster speak - hmmm... wine, chocolate...??? seriously though - screwed on that one :) full ripping and pain of heart to be expected - but i will turn to THE HEALER and FATHER for my relief.


  1. I'm thankful for the countdown being more tangible now and I'm praying for you and the range of emotions that must be flooding in at this high level of anticipation and waiting.

    And, I'm always up for a drink or chocolate!

  2. Sounds like we need to squeeze in another girls night with lots of wine and chocolate:)