Thursday, March 31, 2011

God's Grace in Renovating

As I look around our little house and the work we are doing I am reminded of God's Grace in small ways...

I have to paint 3 coats of white paint to cover the taupe that had been there previously... after the first coat, the streaks of the old color show through and look unfinished, and not quite right

I think of how GOD works in my life, but at times, the rough spots still show through. I continue to spend time in the word, seek him through prayer and worship, and slowly, like the many layers of semi-gloss white - more of HIM will show, I will reflect more of HIM and less of me

As my sweet Bee patches holes in our new playroom, I think of how over 5 years, my spirit wounded, my body broken, my sense of motherhood and womanhood dealt a heavy blow... those holes were slowly filled. Godly women speaking into my life, the opportunity to mother this crazy lil' man, and to LIVE... each slowly filling in the holes.

Life has continued... times haven't been any easier - but like the sandpaper smooths out the bumps, the daily living of life - and the opportunity to continue to bring my problems BIG and small to our Father, have set a finish to my life.... that is soothing.

As anyone in home ownership knows... this will be an ongoing process - just as with the remodeling and the molding of my life...

Grateful to see these moments as lessons in HIM

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  1. So true! And God is so gracious to show you his grace in all the mess of life. "God's still working on me" as I like to say. A masterpiece in the making:) Can't wait to see the finished product--your house that is:)