Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brave or Stupid... Trusting

Why are you fostering? I hate this question... especially when it is accompanied by the tone that we are nuts or the slight implication that it would be for some self serving purpose.

I shared in our large Bible Study group Friday night that it is difficult for me. I am often asked this question (in the negative sense) by "christians" or nonbelievers. They then list the problems of the system, why they would never do it, etc.

Please don't get me wrong, I do NOT think that every family is called to foster. We all have a calling to reach out to the world, and there is only so much we can each do.

Often they refer to why it wouldn't work for them. Putting themselves FIRST. This is not what we are called to do as imitators of Christ. Following bible study, a fellow member of my group, Ping-Pong Man, responded to my statement of how others have been unsupportive of our decision to follow the path of foster. He said something to the effect that he doesn't question our sanity or motives, but admires us for our bravery. I love it! (not that I think of us as "brave"). He expressed the root of so many peoples meaning behind their list of reasons and questions. The fear of loving someone who will be taken from you. The fear of seeing the pain of the world, the evil that is out there. The fear of rejection, the fear of the unknown, the fear of opening your home for the world to critique and "evaluate".

I don't see ourselves as brave... we aren't able to do this (or begin the process) without trusting and faith. I am so scared right now, are we ready, who will this child(ren) be, how will our life change.... i take a deep breath and TRUST... HE knows, HE will guide us, HE will do this.

Ping-Pong also mentioned what a wonderful model of forgiveness this will be for Bee. As we work with these families to help them reunify, we will be a model of forgiveness for our bio-son, our peanuts, and their families.

Models of forgiveness of Christ.


deep breath - trust

Can we be that model? through prayer and reliance on HIM who controls all, we will......

deep breath - trust


  1. Is that the same Ping Pong that works with my husband? Sounds like a good discussion. Whenever we step out in faith and do something that seems different from the norm, people automatically look at themselves and think "if they're doing it, does that mean I have to?" And if they don't want to then they are critical of those who are.
    Praying and breathing with you!

  2. I can totally relate to you when I read your first two sentences of this post. We too are going through the fostering/adoption process and have been very hesitant to tell too many people. The first few I told didn't bring the responses I had thought I would get. Good Luck to you. I hope you are places with baby(ies) soon!