Monday, March 28, 2011

thankfulness didn't take a break - just the blogging

in the madness of classes, licensing, additions and life, the recording of thankfulness fell through the cracks... i still remembered and spoke them, but the writing down... not so much

grateful that

79. God doesn't keep a track of my faults
80. HE doesn't need to read my blog to know what is on my mind
81. HE gives me strength just when i need it (the perfect hymn in church yesterday just as i began to doubt and feel overwhelmed in our journey)
82. friends who will come over and help put up walls, play in sprinklers, and just chill... no massive plans, just quiet fellowship
83. our pizzas came with 2 butter garlic dishes... EACH
84. daycares that are open during spring break so i can get stuff done on these precious days off
85. dropping Bee off later and picking him up early to make up for taking him in on Spring Break -
86. a 6'4" father to hold up the drywall for the ceiling as my (much shorter) hubby drills it in
87. a room that is slowly taking shape to hold the toys and games for children
88. kids by easter???? becoming a real possibility
89. love, support and prayers -> few doubters in our journey (at least that matter :))
90. L is home...             (their plane landed last night!)
91. a real life friend who is a blogging blessing
92. rediscovering the joy of a hot cup of tea
93. having a sweet boy who knows nothing of gender stereotypes wanting to sip a cup of tea w/ his momma :)
94. a hubby comfortable in life to not put the kibosh on the above blessing
95. the voice of said hubby singing along to paul simon as he continues to drywall the lil' addition :)

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  1. I so want to hear him sing Paul Simon, can you record that for me:) So glad to have you back in the gratitude community, not that you were gone from gratitude, just the blogging of it. Loved the list!