Friday, March 25, 2011

Lesson Planning for Foster Care (and other random thoughts)

Today was a teacher work day in the county I teach.

I spent the day sorting worksheets, filing, and... creating lesson plans for when we get placed.

Very surreal.

I created 2 different "emergency" day packets. I'm sure I need 2 or 3 more, but it was just odd to realize that they will be used shortly.

I set up lessons for the end of the 9 weeks units (the ones I always rush through) hoping to keep the time with the sub useful

It is a crazy thing taking off work as a teacher (tons more work than most realize).

I can't believe in about 3 weeks we will be licensed.

As I prepped I couldn't help but think about where our peanut is RIGHT NOW. Peanut is most likely already born. Peanut is most likely already in the midst of whatever drama is going to cause them to be removed.

I have had great family and friends mention how lucky Peanut is going to be to live with us. I understand the sentiment and think it's sweet. I can't help but think though, how Peanut will not necessarily think that. We have learned alot through the process of research and MAPP about loss in foster care (and adoption). Peanut will be losing their bio-family. For a time or forever. NOT LUCKY. UNLUCKY.

I am glad Peanut will have us over a substandard foster care home or over a shelter.

I just wish we weren't necessary at all.

I always pray that GOD is preparing Peanut for us, but I wish there was not a need for foster care, I wish all parents could care for their children in the minimal required to keep them safe, loved, and whole.


  1. Me too. Thankful for the healing and restoration offered in the Gospel. Praying for your family. :)

  2. I hear you. Praying for God's grace to provide healing in Peanut's heart. God has gifted you to be a conduit of his grace.