Monday, June 20, 2011

whose team?

sitting in my front yard reading an old tabletalk - specifically April 2011 - article by RC Sproul Jr titled "the victory parade we don't deserve"

a portion of the article hit me - i will paraphrase:

--- it's not whether or not GOD is on our team, it's are we on HIS.

when we are commanded not to worry it's not necessarily b/c GOD is on "our" side, but if we are passionately pursuing HIS kingdom and working for HIS glory... than how much can it really matter what we are wearing, driving, living in, or even... if we are living? to suffer in HIS work is glory...

as i sit here and wait for the phone call that will most likely remove bubba from our home... i am meditating on this....

yes - it'll hurt - yes - it sucks for us... but i do believe that this is HIS work and for HIS kingdom... so... i'ts not if HE is on "my" side - because in this story... my side does not matter... it is about what is best for bubba and what will bring the most glory to GOD

edited and added - link to article:

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  1. Wow! So convicting! So true! So great to see God's grace and power at work in and through you.