Monday, June 6, 2011

181 -

181. the scent of pinesol and a freshly mopped floor

182. the shade of our tree and the breeze in the front yard - a true blessing in this part of the world

183. trying out a new recipe

184. a hubby with knife skills to execute said recipe

185. a couple of smiles from our sweet sad two year old

186. every other night bedtime duty w/ bubba

187. sweetly tacky shell light to read the word by during bedtime duty

188. little hands covered in paint... learning to explore and hopefully express

189. random hugs from an unaffectionate boy
190. cool activities in town to entertain little boys who need to be OUT OF the house

191. a mom who will go with

192. a mntn dew - nectar of the gods from my favorite sissy

193. 2 lil' boys lovin' the sea river

194. veggie tales - and how i can apply what i've learned from this childrens series to the sermon sunday morning!


  1. Great list, Great recipe, I'm thankful to be able to test any new recipe of your household!

    I love the hands picture.

  2. Love when your chef hubby makes us new recipes! Adorable painted hands:) So many blessings!

  3. Such a sweet list! I love trying new recipes. Love the adorable little hands covered in paint! Random hugs... the best! :)

  4. The recipe looks yummy and the painted hands are so sweet. I came over from Ann's today. Blessings to you.