Saturday, June 11, 2011

where's bubba? no... seriously! WHERE"S BUBBA!

trying to have sense of humor... but about had a heart attack yesteraday.

fridays are visitation days, so we don't pick bubba up from daycare b/c the caseworker (or transporter) is supposed to bring him back to our house.

SUPPOSED to bring him back to OUR HOUSE.


the case worker called my hubby to be sure we would be home - said he'd be there in 45 min (we are far from the home base for the cw).

we assumed he had bubba.


i drive home (past the daycare) and get home to help clean up a little.

feeling good about everything.

i see the cw pull up. cool. i see him walk up to the door. alone.


in less than 2 seconds i had the following run through my head -


i opened the door and said... suprisingly calmly, where's bubba? did something happen at visitation?

the caseworker looked at me and said, what? he's not here?

the 2 second freak out was nothing compared to the drop of my stomach and nasuea that hit.

in 10 minutes or so it was all figured out.

the transporter did NOT bring him to our house - nah - took him back to daycare. the one i passed on my way home from work. the one that is 20 minutes from our house.


<3 our caseworker - he was professional - but you could tell he was 1. embarrased, 2. ticked at the transporter 3. wanted to fix it.

he offered to go get bubba. my hubby agreed w/ me that it would be better for him to go, so not to add trauma to bubba's day since he had already had several "other" people transport him and it would be confusing to get in the car with the guy who takes him to visitation and then come to our house.

small bump - but still my heart was breaking. bubba doesn't care for daycare, he bawls when dropped off. he had to do that twice yesterday. he had to have been so confused. PLUS - he was picked up an hour and a half later than usual. he waits for me by the gate at exactly 320 everyday.

****also was told that the decision about gma and moving will be done next week - not the 20th. worried that it'll end up he will leave the same day as our son's bday party - not cool. :(