Tuesday, June 14, 2011

faith and foster care

my faith is growing and being stretched constantly...

especially now...

what does tomorrow hold - only GOD knows.

this funky maybe he will go to grandma's shadow that is over our life...

i just want to know.

bee has been complaining lately of a tummy ache.

and i realized today... my tummy's been hurting since we've been told he might be leaving.

then today a friend posted this on facebook:

Fretting about tomorrow's problems siphons the strength you need for right now

while i can't totally forget about the possibility that bubba could be leaving... it needs not be the center of my focus

i need to prepare for it (laundry, etc) but we need to continue to love on him and work with him as if he were staying.

i need to remember that GOD is in control of everything... and that is what has had me in a tailspin. wanting answers, wanting to control.

i actually googled "when will bubba leave?" i didn't expect answers, but i'm so used to immediate answers, and there are none.

i am not in control... i have to trust HIM

faith stretching... uncomfortable... growing...


  1. I can relate to the google thing. I often wish for a clear answer. God is good and it's good to see your faith growing and stretching, even though it's difficult. Praying.

  2. So hard to live by faith and not by sight! I miss my magic 8 ball:) Seriously though, praying for peace and strength to be all he needs you to be for him right now.

  3. I wish I knew the right things to say. Seeing your honesty about this journey has stretched me to really think about the realities of being a foster parent. And while it's far from making us reconsider doing it, it does make us reconsider our attitude towards it. Thank you for your honesty and praying for all of you.