Thursday, June 16, 2011

teach me charity

we are blessed

so blessed

i try to instill the idea that we have more than we need w/ bee. it's hard b/c like us all he wants more.

one way we have tried to do this is with his birthday party gifts.

i love birthday parties. too much.

i love planning, organizing a theme, coming up with games.

this year was a little more spastic than most, but hopefull it'll come out right.

after his first birthday party i was almost embarrased by the booty the boy brought home.

this little boy who is already doted on and spoiled by both sets of grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and great grandparents.

some of the spoiling is actually a by-product of all the birth issues. my family especially shows love through gifts, and the idea that we will love this special child and "make up for" the loss.

in order to curb the enthusiasm - we do donations, starting with his second bday we have asked people to bring donations to our local children's shelter rather than gifts for bee.

it has been so great to see people turn their love of gift buying into something for others.

we have tried to theme it..

2nd birthday - party theme - bubbles - donations requested - bath supplies - GREAT turn out

3rd birthday - party theme - chicka-chicka boom boom - donations requested - books - kind of a bust - books are pricey

4th birthday - party theme - legos - donations requested - art supplies - awesome turn out - people had tons of un-opened art supplies laying around the house and cheap to pick up

this year

5th birthday... wow can't believe it - our theme - outer space - donations "launch" the kids into a great summer w/ summer necessities - turn out was awesome - and less gifts for bee - a few friends and of course the family still brought things for him - but we actually got more stuff for the kids - AND HE IS COOL WITH IT - better than i expected!

this year has been the hardest in explaining to bee that we do this because he already has more than he needs. he of course could list 100+ things he WANTS but doesn't have. i remind him GOD has gifted us with much - including bee himself, so therefore we want to help others.

this year has been easier in another way. we have bubba. we spoke about how there are not enough families to take in children who need a place to stay, so they have to go to a special place. kind of like school. but they don't get to go home. they don't have a family. we are helping kids like bubba.

even typing this i'm getting misty and just want to scream from the rooftops - BE A FOSTER PARENT....

sigh... back on topic

we take the supplies to the office of the children's shelter (not the shelter itself - the kids are not on display!). bee drops the items off, and then - in true spoiling fashion - we go for ice cream.

when i tell my high school kiddies this - they think we are crazy. i try to encourage them to do the same - to pick their own charity. but, again - i need gets in the way.

truth be told - people still bring gifts. which we are cool with - i will say it's definitely tamed some spending, and some stick to the donation only - more every year.

what's YOUR favorite charity? what's a way you could incorporate charity in your child's life?

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  1. I always love this most about your parties. Very cool and tangible way to teach B and (ourselves) about giving.

  2. You set such a great example, not only for B but also for the rest of us!