Sunday, June 19, 2011

random lessons in foster parenting

always have all laundry done...

after 2 weeks of trying to be sure i have had all of bubba's clothes clean i am down to the last two loads... just in time for the court hearing tomorrow.

3 pm.

if things happen when "they" say they will (hahaha... almost hurt myself - rarely do things happen when "they" say)

i realize we have had a longer warning than most, since gma was denied first time.

mr e says the guardian-ad-litem and an investigator are in favor of bubba going to grandma's. but the judge will have the final say.

praise GOD for bubba, seeking HIM for comfort.

reading counterfeit gods with my accountability group.

one of the deep counterfeit gods is power... and in the chapter discussing power this quote by Niebuhr caught my eye...

"95% of what sets the course of their (human's) lives is completely outside their control".

i have never realized truly how little we "shape our own destiny".

learning that now, is truly humbling... and points me to the ONE who is in control. even though the judge will have the final say - GOD will be in control.

but... i will miss this face (if only i could show it all)

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