Monday, June 6, 2011

so confused!

called the CW - mr e today. (asked several questions)

but i really wanted to know about the pictures, he said the parents didn't really go into the bag so he thinks they missed it... AND - they sent pictures for us to put in the special album we have for bubba! (yay!)

i could have SWORN he told me bubba would possibly be leaving by the 20th... now he's saying they will review his case on the 20th and also it looks like there are issues w/ grandma's home study so maybe not :(. it's of course not final, but until then, alot of waiting

so sad.

we love the booger, but would love for him to be w/ his family (if safe!)...

counting my blessings that if i were unable to care for my child - there are several friends and family who would step up... and be approved

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  1. Praying for this time of waiting and trusting. I'm glad they sent pictures!