Sunday, July 10, 2011


i love my hubby, he is a true hands on daddy

he works hard and takes on his 50% + of the kid work

but for some reason, other men seem to think he is lazing around on his duff free of any responsibilities

two different times (in my presence) he's been asked how he enjoys having time off to relax.

today he was asked this as he was holding baby bear in the carrier and helping me out w/ covering momma bear

i wonder how stay-at-home dad's deal w/ it? i remember how it felt as a stay-at-home mom... the idea that i sat around eating bon-bons all day

newborns are tons of work - a newborn and a toddler is ridiculously large amounts of work --- hubby and i are constantly busy and it's two of us!

there's the double whammy that since we are teachers people think we truly are doing nothing all summer... in truth it's when we try to get all the things done that we put off all year, and try to regain strength to face the next school year.


  1. I've seen the two of you with the little bears--there is no doubt you're working! You are blessed with a hard working, supportive husband.

  2. So true and it's cool to see y'all working together and growing together in love as you love on your little ones.