Tuesday, July 26, 2011

in t-r-o-u-b-l-e

i said i would post why we are "in trouble"... it's not the oh no TROUBLE trouble, but the we love the kids so much i already miss them and want to cry a little kind of trouble.

it'll be a month this coming saturday since they've moved in.

they "fit"... she lights up when she sees me or chef hubby. bee is heads over heals in love with his new baby "brover". he wants to hold him and help feed him. i love snuggling w/ baby bear and he is starting to coo and smile... sweet sights and sound from such a little guy

don't get me wrong it's not all moonlight and roses, she tantrums at nap time... ripped a hole in the bed tent one time (fixed). she jumps off of everything... and likes to wake up right as baby bear is finishing his early morning feeding and drifting off to sleep... refusing to nap ugh ugh ugh... likes to tell us no, throws food everywhere...a typical almost 2 yr old learning boundaries...

but she fits us... they don't feel like relatives visiting... (i try to imagine our foster kids as family visiting... gives the close feeling and bonding but when they leave not the same bone numbing shock as if you lost your child) they feel like they belong here. when brother bear came, i felt like telling the cw, we'll take him - go pack up his stuff... we'll find a spot!

so... like i said we are in trouble... but good... we will keep loving on them hard... and we have faith, friends and family who will help put as back together and pull us back together when they leave...


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