Tuesday, July 26, 2011

bears go on a picnic (aka visitation)

the sweet quiet of the house with only bee in it...

the sting of guilt for splitting up a sibling set.

miss k came to pick up the bears to go visit w/ daddy... and had brother bear with her. he's so cute. so sweet... reminding myself he was on best behavior.

he lit up when he saw his sibs.

he must miss them.

when i spoke w/ the cw yesterday about getting the kids together she said the other foster family said he doesn't talk about them - so he must not miss them. UGH. seriously?!?!?... maybe it's too hard for him to talk about his family he has been torn from.

she saw today how much he loves his sibs first hand in our house today. i reminded her that i will do whatever we can to get the kids together. that if someone else gets him to our house we can do a playdate. we will even do respite IF he can sleep in the same room w/ momma bear.

it sounds like brother bear's foster folk have alot on their plate (will not mention here - but very valid overload stuff)... not as interested in setting up time for the kids. cw did admit that it is the policy to be sure the kids get together...

she asked us w/ a very confused look on our face - why didn't you take all of them???? i said it was hard, but we know our limitations. we would then have FOUR KIDS - infant, toddler, 4 yr old and 5 yr old. ummm.... also - we don't put foster kids in our bio son's room so that he can have a sanctuary (esp when kids LEAVE). oh yeah... and our car is FULL. we literally cannot put another child in the car. i have a feeling if we had a minivan right now we would be discussing it seriously. hubby and i are already talking about if they became adoptable... which is another rule we've broken.... mentioning the A word... that we would pray and seriously consider bringing in big bro.

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