Monday, July 25, 2011

246 - 265 thankful

246. family tradition - timeshare sharing in Sebastian

247. offers for a free replacement brown dog... and a promise they will hold onto it if needed once he was found

248. new case worker... Miss K, seems much more relaxed than mr. e was... very chill about us taking the bears to sebastian or wherever else ins tate

249. surprises for my big boy

250. tickets to NKOTBSB concert... recieved for my birthday

251. relatives who work for disney! (free admission baby!)

252. hubby who can handle 2 under 2 on his own for 2 days!

253. sister to drive me and bee to the train

254. train tickets being cheaper than driving to orlando and back!

255. excitement of bee for his first train ride

256. fire fighter friends

257. daycare recently opening an infant room (whew!)

258. screened in babyseat

259. family lovin' on my bears

260. chance for my soccer lovin' hubby to watch women's world cup w/ a girl of his own (for now)

261. my son becoming more comfortable in the water

262. fun parks

263. science exploration

264. carousels

265. old friends walking down memory lane


  1. Such a fun list! And your hubby is so awesome to watch the 2 while you enjoyed yourself.