Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the christian working mom

i love stay at home moms...

most of my friends are stay at home moms and i have never recieved judgement from them... so this is not a commentary on those who KNOW me

but sometimes i feel (maybe imagine) judgement from others... especially as a christian mom
my first choice would be to stay at home

GOD laughs at our plans

i am a teacher so i work full time (though some would disagree...) i do get unpaid vacation time - 2 mo's out of the year - more than most can ask for...

being a christ-follower... knowing my obligation to bee to raise him as a christ-following man-of-GOD makes it hard to face our financial reality

i don't work so that i can be driving nice cars (we both drive older than 10 year cars), wear fine fashion (most of my clothes are clearance items or consignment), or go on fabulous vacations (big trip this year is to sebastian fla - a short drive for us)

my job takes care of frivolities like food, shelter, health insurance etc.

my hubby and i are both teachers in fla... not known for great pay... but (for now) benefits are fairly good. we have health insurance that we wouldn't have if i stayed home (we get FREE health insurance for our fam since we both work for the same county)

as a christian working mom it's rough. i would love to home school, i would love to be with my kids all day - especially at bee's age when i feel like i could pour so much more into him and help him be the man he is meant to be.

i do experience guilt. my fav bloggers are stay-at-home or work-at-home mommas. i love ann voskamp and reading her homeschooling tips is always a sharp tug... if only...

i struggled for a short while about if i should be working as a christian mom, but knowing that the majority of moderate income women around the world and throughout history have had incomes to assist in supporting their families has helped... also - there are no direct commands of CHRIST saying "thou shalt stay at home at all costs". even the proverbs 31 woman brought in an income.

it's a struggle to be content in what HE has given and what HE has ordained...

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  1. I am always amazed at all you do with B, all that you are teaching him, all that you expose him to especially with having less time to do it (and honestly much more than what most SAHM's do). Praying!