Monday, July 4, 2011


203. vbs at my mom's church --- something to keep bee busy while bubba left

204. 3 hours to myself

205. my own "private" beach

206. time alone to process that he is gone - not even 24 hours afte he had left... but gone

207. just enough other people to fell alone on this stretch of sand, but not creepy alone

208. a small grey shell, my new worry stone - a gift from him

209. the wave from bubba - a small perfect gift from our case worker gave me

210.bowling on the first day of summer, the day he left

211. the silly videos that played after each gutter ball

212. the fact that bee loved the videos more than trying to hit pins down

213. starbucks with a friend and a bit of baby love - the balm for a hurting heart

214. my sweet sensitive bee --- putting his head to my chest and saying he could hear my heart crying

215 a new family tradition

216. how the moon is out even in midmorning

217. the moon that reflects the sun... may i be a moon who reflects the light of the SON (inspired by this book)

218. watching a class of paddleboarders... idea for the future

219. a reminder there is a future and happier days to come

220. rocking chair on our front porch

221. rain

222. sweater and hot tea --- yes even in the summer in south fla!

223. old plastic slide  and the memories made there

224. painted toes

225. new bike for our FIVE year old

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  1. Wonderful list, full of God's grace. Joy will come in the morning. Isn't it wonderful that even in times of grief, He gives us glimpses of hope?