Monday, July 4, 2011

the art of juggling

have you ever watched someone juggling?

the thought that oh crap, they'll drop something... especially when they bring out the fragile items or really heavy stuff...

have you ever tried juggling... i mean seriously tried - given it more than the 10 - 15 minute attempt?

me neither... i don't like dropping things...

so... 3 kids - two people - each w/ 2 hands - SHOULD have a hand left over... nope - LOTS of juggling going on in this house right now

GOD in his providence knew we couldn't have handled this last year... i keep thanking him for making us wait...

we LOVE baby bear and momma bear (we're hooked on these kids in a big way - post to follow on thought on that!)

but it is HARD... not the same hard we had w/ bubba... who liked to throw monster fits, and anything he could set his hands on. he was into everything, except us.

momma bear is infatuated w/ chef hubby (and the feeling is def, mutual) and she likes to be my shadow... this is no big deal...

i dreamed of having another baby in my life... and this little guy (6 weeks old y'all) is more than i dared to dream of. i have a baby again. sweet, snuggly, fall asleep on you baby.

but i also have an active 20 month old to chase... and a 5 year old who would occasionally like some attention.

ok - sis - if you are reading this stop now... diaper and toilet talk ahead!

i was telling a friend tonight that sometimes i feel like all i do is change poopie diapers.

i TOTALLY forgot how much newborns poop. oh my lanta!

he sleeps, when he wakes up - we change him (super wet usually) then bottle... then half way through bottle that awful noise i had forgotten.... the newborn liquid gurgling pooing sound... ugh.

and the smell... he is on formula (um... yeah - before any random finder of this blog forgets - THEY ARE FOSTER KIDS ---- NO BREASTFEEDING THEM!) and blech - the stink of formula poops...

i recently found myself going to the bathroom, while changing a diaper, and having hubbie knock on door to pass me the next one... at someone else's house


i have gone two or three days (and they have only been here four) and realized at the end of the day i've only eaten 2 meals.... a late breakfast and dinner.

i'm sure we'll hit the groove eventually... but praying it comes soon. hoping to enjoy some of the summer i have left (less than a month!)

the sick part of this... as tired as i am... i love it... <3

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  1. Juggling is tough work with two little ones added to your mix. :) Y'all are doing great. Praying a routine sets in for you as things start to settle. I love the little ones and the joy they bring.