Monday, July 11, 2011


226. a baby in our house - a real baby!

227. buying barrettes
228. snuggly baby time

229. hugs from momma bear

230. a crib tent to keep her safe at bed and naptime

231. a swing to rock baby bear to sleep

232. a swaddle-me swaddler to get him to stay asleep in the crib

233. my big boy helper

234. keeping a tradition - 4th w/ friends - even in the midst of all our blessings

235. sleep

236. ruffled socks

237. support from our church---when (on facebook wall post convo) i said i didn't want to overwhelm the church by having them do meals -- just been 2 mo's since they last did it! - a friend made this comment: OVERWHELM us M****!!! It is a privilege to serve Him by serving you!!! ok - y'all i know i didn't give birth - but i felt like a hormonal postpartum momma at the moment when i read that - and just about lost it! LOVE my people who get it

238. having friends who get it

239. a husband who has summer's off

240. a husband who is a hands on daddy.

241. hairy baby ears... i have a weak spot for hairy ears... the kind you only see on new babies... never thought i would have a baby in our house that young again

242. pigtails... cute lil' blonde pigtails...

243. sit n' spin i jacked from our neighbors garbage...

244. bubbles
245. unisex handme downs (red and white oshkosh overalls in specific)


  1. Such a full list of Gods amazing grace! Still weirded out by the paci:) Love overalls!

  2. Love it! I am so happy you guys have some little ones in your house and your son seems so comfortable feeding the little one! Very sweet.