Thursday, March 22, 2012

she's getting older... aka proving me wrong

figured momma bear wouldn't realize she didn't have visitation due to "stuff" this week.

was glad we had fair warning b/c my thought had been if we act like there wasn't SUPPOSED to be a visit, she would have no clue

2 nights after - wailing for daddy... and i know she meant him

not normal kiddie whine - mourning cry

had to tell my son tonight --- the choices you make HAVE AN EFFECT ON OTHERS!

i asked him if he could hear her crying - when he said yes... and looked at me confused - i told him - she misses her daddy and he made some bad choices...

praying he sees how every action affects others - i pray he will be a good daddy/husband

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  1. Poor thing! Such a confusing time in her life. Praying!