Friday, March 16, 2012

drug of a country

i've seen the bumper sticker and giggled

tv - the drug of choice

but wow

i gave up netflix (mostly) for lent...

i... am... an addict

it has been odd these past few weeks.

coming home and not crashing on the couch in exhaustion and watching an episode or two or six of NUMB3RS.

i knew that i couldn't go cold turkey - like a meth addict i would curl up and die (no not really) but i knew i would absolutely fail

so... i allowed myself 3 hours a week. for someone who used to watch more than 3 hours a day - drastic. i gave myself the 3 hours b/c my hubby and i have some shows we watch together that come on weekly - and it's nice to have that...

of course - they have been doing RERUNS during lent!

also - i didn't count in "family movie nights"...

but i digress... the amount i of time i realize i have now is embarrassing --- also --- i'm not as tired...

hoping i can continue the less tv after lent... having the whole "if christ could sacrifice all for you, you can sacrifice tv for him" card has def. helped :)

oh... and i've found more time for blogging ;)

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  1. It is amazing how quickly our time gets sucked into the abyss of television. Hope you can keep it up!