Friday, March 16, 2012

a buck fifty


i will preface this post that i know that i happen to be extra cranky... about something un-postable at the moment... in truth i am MAD... at God, at the world, i want to scream kick and cuss....


enter well meaning woman at the the local thrift store

we are licensed through a group that does a bunch of stuff for kids in the system. one of the ways they fund their philanthropy is through a thrift shop. something cool the thrift shop does - is as a foster parent i can request a voucher (which is sent to the store) and i can go pick out stuff for my kiddies.

i haven't done it because we are blessed with hand me downs, and i happen to know the selection is thin pickings at the store... but i was headed in anyway (with a big @$$donation of adult clothing) so i figured out what the heck?!?! momma bear has recently hit a growth spurt.. i bought a bunch of stuff at a big consignment shindig - but a few more t-shirts would round out the collection nicely.

our licensing counselor kept telling me i should take advantage of it...

well... i'd waited so long - no voucher on record... i have lost my check card and had no cash... i told the lady this up front... i would have been totally cool is she told me to come back later... but she "helped"me shop.

check out the 25 cent clothes first please... ummm... ok... she kept showing me size 5 stuff (momma bear JUST moved up to size 3... i know it doesn't look like a big difference - but y'all w/ lil' ones know there is)... and at one point kept showing me long sleeve shirts saying "you could just cut the sleeves"...

ummm... no thanks... i want to avoid the screaming label "I AM IN FOSTER CARE AND DON'T RANK NICER CLOTHES RAGAMUFFIN LOOK"

when we went inside she showed me where the other clothes were but was quick to tell me not to pick the purple tagged clothes - those are the newer things (ummm... k)

in all i got 6 items --- all tagged at 25 cents... so for the hassle of feeling like

1. a charity case
2. my kid doesn't rank the nicer stuff

a got a buck fifty worth of clothes... 2 things i wouldn't have picked but the lady kept pressing me

maybe if she hadn't been dressed to the 9's w/ fabulous make up it wouldn't have bugged me... but a little voice in my head made me want to scream - would you "cut the sleeves"for your grandbabies?!?!? i doubt it!

don't think i'll do it again... reminded me of this post by my foster-hero fosterhood

****again i'm in a high pissy mood right now***

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  1. Cut the sleeves from the shirt! Craziness! Foster children deserve the same quality of clothing we would clothe our own with.