Sunday, January 1, 2012

2 Timothy 2:3 Endure

2 Timothy 2:3 - Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

making choices that may not result in an easy life or a large bank account - but that bring glory to GOD.

my goal for the year. 

our hearts may break, it may not make sense to others, but we will breathe the love of the Lord into the lives of these babies and to their parents. we will model tough forgiveness and the belief in redemption, even if it hurts to let them go.

as our pastor preached on this verse today... it struck me how true it is. many look at our lives and speak of how they "could never do it, could never let them go". 

we are all called to suffer for Christ. in many different ways. it sucks. it hurts. it doesn't make sense to others. i think that is why so often when you see those who are fostering - you find those of faith.

one of my favorite bloggers on fostering is not a christian, and she laments the fact that more agnostic/atheists don't. but selfless sacrifice doesn't make sense to most. it doesn't always make sense to me... not without HE who sacrificed all.


  1. The way I look at this is that someone has to do this work. If no one made this sacrifice what would become of these innocent children?

    Foster care is a gift. I get tired of hearing from other people that there is NO WAY they could do what we are doing, it just isn't true. I know foster care is not for everyone, but loving a child is not the hard part of foster care. We are adults we can take this risk for ourselves so that more children can be safe and loved.

    I keep going back to a quote from a song by The Fray: "Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same"

    I know it hurts to think of our children leaving our homes, in fact it more than hurts. Being a foster parent means that we knowingly accept that we will have our own intense feelings of loss and painful heartbreak so that a child may have less pain and hurt in their lives.

    If there was ever a better example of living by the Golden Rule I don't know what that might be?

  2. May He strengthen all of us to bear our crosses. Sacrifice is painful but look at what the sacrifice of Jesus got us! So thankful for your example of love and sacrifice to the least of these.