Sunday, January 22, 2012

HER kids

tomorrow is court - just a status review - nothing will "officially" change

hubby is going, i need to not take more days off work (for all the other days i will have to take off the rest of the school year)

procrastinating writing biomom a note

figured we should... a note to tell her we love HER kids... to let her know that they are being well cared for. a note to hopefully bolster her efforts as she is where she is. a not that i hope will be something to encourage her in the fight so she can get HER kids back.

HER kids HER kids HER kids...

they are HER kids... and they are mine.

it's a surreal task. write the note to show they are having fun and loved... but also a note to help them leave again...

i keep saying WHEN they leave... but it's still an IF.. an IF that still has caseworker asking IF they terminate... would we take HER kids... and make the OURS...

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