Tuesday, January 31, 2012

an analogy

pretend for a moment that i am a kosher jew

my religion prohibits me from eating bacon

if you were to see me eating bacon - it would cause you to pause and wonder

now (in this hypothetical case)... as a kosher jew, i do not hate those who chose to eat bacon, i do not promote legislation to stop the production of bacon, or block it on the menu.

i am not "anti-bacon"

it's just, the faith i have chosen to follow says... don't eat bacon

if someone were to ask me my opinion - or to claim that as a kosher jew i have been interpreting the scriptures incorrectly and that i can eat bacon - am i intolerant to point out the scriptures that say pork is not to be consumed????

would i be slammed in the media as intolerant??? as hateful??? as ignorant???

i ask this because i am a christian... working hard at my faith - reformed (i think) christian

i am also personally conservative but socially liberal

i do not actively fight against homosexuality - i don't find it repulsive - i don't think they are pedophiles

i forbid my students from using gay slurs... i was asked once to sponsor the gay-straight alliance... i have a reputation for defending my students who are targets for teasing on this matter...

but i do read my bible, and it is there - in the NEW testament (don't throw the leviticus argument at me) and it says no

i am not perfect

i think it is hypocritical of a church to stand by a philanderer and slam committed gay relationships....

but why can't i be left alone - like the kosher jew without his bacon???????

why must i be thrust into a pinhole that says i am intolerant and hateful????

why must i sit there and not point to where i believe the truth is????

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