Saturday, December 3, 2011

promises that shouldn't be made

court on monday


bears' dad will be there (hopefully)

we will speak to judge if he desires... heard he requests fp name for the record... will try to go just off foster mom... but we will see... haven't wanted our name ON THE RECORD b/c then we can be found. case worker says dad isn't that resourceful. will keep faith...

have heard dad is promising kids they'll be home for Christmas... case worker tells me she doesn't see it happening... but it is all in the judges hands.

whatever is best.

my fear is that we will walk into court and be told pack them up... praying for least a week warning whenever that does happen. Just enough time for us to come to terms and to prep bee.

praying hard for the best, praying that GOD will give us peace in whatever happens.

praying for the bears' big brother and father. if the judge doesn't work it so the kids are home by christmas - they will both be desperately disappointed. praying that it doesn't discourage dad from trying his hardest.

would love to see the kids go for overnight or weekend visits.... if they are to go home... would give us time to adjust - and them - and we would get breaks :)

feeling powerless - but know HE who has the power is in control....

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  1. Good luck on Monday. Here's rooting for whatever is best for the kids and for you.