Sunday, December 11, 2011

little bit by little bit

~ i feel good and i feel like i shouldn't - which is stupid.

~ things are still not right...

~ my grandfather is officially in hospice care, but he is in his home where he wants to be, with his dog

~ our kids' guardian ad litem is coming on tuesday most likely, but our kids finally have a guardian ad litem

~ the case worker i am not fond of is coming by soon, to introduce me to the NEW case worker

~ my house is a mess, but less of a mess than it was at the beginning of the day

~ the playroom is not done, but it's been emptied and is ready to be painted and the sliders are down

~ missed work on friday due to some freaky stomach bug, but i got to sleep ALL DAY because kids were at school....

~ not sure how to end this post... but i'm starting to blog again :):):)

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