Thursday, July 26, 2012

what to do???

ok... question that i can't post to my facebook friends...

i am in the throws of packing up the babies' toys, books, etc. in anticipation of reunification (court on Monday when the ruling and timeline will most likely happen).

have 10 boxes of toys and books packed already... none of their clothes packed yet... more toys to pack... sending mainly stuff given TO THEM by friends and family over the past 13 months... 

starting to think of keeping a few of their things (for example she was given 2 dolly strollers - we have none, next kid???).... would that be wrong????

i strongly feel they should get to take ALL THEIR STUFF... but at the same time, i'm envisioning this tiny trailer overflowing with toys... 

What would you do?


  1. Our kiddos were moving to their grandmother's and we were able to ask what she wanted us to send. She repeatedly mentioned how many toys she had waiting for them so I asked her if she wanted us to send everything or if she would rather we didn't. She said she didn't care either way so we packed up things that were their favorites and things that we couldn't keep (because it would hurt too much to see them :( ) and kept the rest.

  2. Good question! Can you ask the cw's opinion? Maybe also ask the mom what she has room for.

  3. Balance is so important. What will the kids notice if they don't have? If I had given something to them I wouldn't be offended if it remained at your house for the next treasure(s) brought your way. You don't want the things to be the focal point of the transition (from anyone's perspective). Breathe. Your heart is in the right place and you will make the right choices.

  4. I kept the duplicate dolly stroller! But other then that I think I sent everything and then some.